Wide skills and knowledge are indispensable in webmastering field. This page resume the main skills acquired, despite that others skills have been acquired by my-self such as: notion in webmarketing, juridical knowledge for a website, writing for the web...

Programming language


These languages have been consolidated thanks to many years on the web and the realization of various websites.


Used either to communicate with the databases or to realize functions, this programming language is widely used in my websites.


First learn by myself, then in an academic way, I am able to develop applications in this language. Many of my websites have functions in javascript.


Learn by my-self.


My self-study approach allows me to understand this library and to develop with it.


One of my reading, called "XML in easy steps", help me to learn this language as others such as: XLS.


Natural SEO

SEO become more and more popular over time. Most of websites invest in SEO to obtain many and relevant visitors.

Regular competitive intelligence monitoring in SEO is fascinated. It is indispensable to avoid believed ideas and always be ready to adapt the knowledge in this field. My knowledge lies in experiences and sighting from my own websites and from competitive intelligence monitoring.

URL rewriting

Experiences allow me to analyze and set up URL rewriting to SEO of a website.