Work experiences

Oct. 2011 - Now
Engineer - Altran
Logo Altran


  • Javascript
  • XML
  • CSS
  • Wink toolkit
Nov. 2010 - Oct. 2011
Web developer - Bimedia
Logo Bimedia


  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • SQL (PostgreSQL)



Small website that explains the purpose and advantages of the guest blogging. It is developped using Zend Framework.

Skills acquired

  • Zend Framework
Ascreen Guest Blogging

Directory powered by the popular FreeGlobes software, this website is personalised both depending on functionality and on the template. This directory lists blogs and websites that accept guest-blogging.

Skills acquired

  • Integrated a template on FreeGlobes
  • Understand the structure of a FreeGlobes website
  • Add plugin and change some part of the code on this software
Ascreen Séjour Écosse

This book travel online was created on the web-based solution Jimdo. The visual identity of the design is based on the Scottish flag colours.
The first goal of this site was to give information about Scotland and to upload pictures of this beautiful country.

Skills acquired

  • Integrated a template on Jimdo
  • Learning of some technical constraints on Jimdo
Ascreen Bonbons Nantais

This web-based shop is specialized on French sweets called "Berlingot Nantais". The website has been realized thanks to popular e-commerce software called "Prestashop". A lot of functionalities are available on this software but it is required to not use all of them, depending on the needs of the website.

The visual identity underlines the sweets universe thanks to the pink-based colours. The second point was to remember bygone thanks to some visual elements and fonts.

Skills acquired

  • Visual identity
  • Create an e-commerce structure
  • Use Prestashop
Tony Archambeau
Ascreen Tony Archambeau

This website is both a CV and a personal blog, built to show the skills and experiences in various thematic. It is also used as an electronic signature for my websites realisation (links are used into this website).

Skills acquired

  • Improved skills on designing a website
  • Improve the easiest navigation
  • Integrated the design for WordPress
Ascreen Technatura

Official website of Technatura company. This website had the goal to present three companies: "Technatura", "Technatura Services" and "Technatura Pro". Knowing that each of these companies is focused on different users (B2B and B2C), the website has been divided in three mains parts.

The pages present the realisations of the companies and take the visitor on the contact page. This last page is voluntary simple to urge visitor to do only one action: call the company.

Skills acquired

  • Respect of specifications
  • Inform the client (technical specification, SEO ...)
  • Using GIMP to enhance pictures
InfoWebMaster Blog
Ascreen blog InfoWebMaster

Powered by WordPress, this blog publish some extra information about the website "InfoWebMaster". The articles can give information about InfoWebMaster website or can be destined to the blogosphere with subjects such as: blogging, webmastering or news about the web 2.0.

Skills acquired

  • Setup a blog powered by WordPress
  • Design the blog for a CMS
  • Add some plugins
Ascreen InfoWebMaster

Build such an information website for beginner webmasters, the content of this website has grown continually in less than a year. Initially, the content was only lists of websites, but quickly some extra content has been added, such as: qualitative articles about webmastering, web-based tools, a forum or a glossary.

Skills acquired

  • Consolidate knowledge in PHP
  • Improve knowledge in Javascript
  • Significant improved knowledge in SEO
  • Improved knowledge in webmarketing

First experience in the realization of a website, this website was initially a simple project to share knowledge in electronic. It finally becomes a great experience that motivates to create further websites.

Skills acquired

  • Strong knowledge in xHTML/CSS
  • PHP
  • Initiation to Javascript
  • Base in SEO
  • Initiation to webmarketing
  • Compatibility with browsers