2010 (12 months)
Master website design and development
The university of Hull (Scarborough, United Kingdom) icône drapeau Royaume-Uni
Logo university of Hull

Master is a valued diploma to extend knowledge in a domain. The strengths of this diploma lie in the initiation to search and the realization of a significant project alone. This is particularly useful to adapt the students in a professional work.

Skills acquired

  • Initiation to search
  • Scientific publication
  • Regular reading
2009 (1 year)
Bachelor Engineering (Honours) Electrical & Electronic
Glyndwr University (Wrexham, United Kingdom) icône drapeau Royaume-Uni
Logo Glyndwr University

This third-year study certifies a wider and deeper knowledge in electrical and electronic engineering. The English academy is different to the French one, which allows a better understanding and a new approach.

This experience opens the mind to new approaches and cultures, both by the academic skills and discovers of radical others point of view (students come from UK, France, Spain, Germany, China...).

Skills acquired

  • Communicate in English
  • Realize a subsequent project alone
  • Discover new points of view
  • Open minded
  • Manage a project
    • Manage with the time
    • Gantt chart
2008 (2 years)
DUT Génie Électrique et Informatique Industrielle
IUT of Rennes (Rennes, France) icon flag France
Logo IUT Rennes

The DUT is a two-year diploma from a university institute of technology. The speciality, "electrical and industrial IT engineering", train the students in various disciplines, such as: electronic, industrial IT, industrial automatic functioning. This educational training, prepare the students in independence and initiative. Moreover, it prepares the students in collaborative works, which is important in a company.


  • Electronic, computer science an industrial automatic functioning

Skills acquired

  • Independence and initiative
  • Collaborative projects
  • Manage a project
    • Handle the timetable
    • Sharing out the tasks
2006 (2 years)
Baccalauréat STI génie électronique
Lycée G. Monge (Nantes, France) icon flag France

Equivalent to a BTEC National Diploma in electronic engineering, this diploma prepare the student to further studies. The core of skills allows a good analysis of technical systems.

Skills acquired

  • Consolidating existing expertise
  • Computer-aided design
  • Analysis an industrial scheme


  • Honourable mention
2004 (2 years)
BEP Métiers de l'électronique
Lycée La Chauvinière (Nantes, France) icon flag France
  • Rigour
  • Methodology
  • Organisation
  • Base in electronic engineering